Robert John Paterson


Illustrator, design, print marker, proudly Canadian. The basic concept for this series of Illustrations is places and (more specifically) times to relax and reflect. That last deep breath before a big day, the moment you can finally get off your feet, those years we look back on with a smile. I wanted to create scenes with so many little things happening you couldn’t help but be slightly overwhelmed, slightly awestruck, maybe a bit nostalgic – but all the while comforted. I wanted to tap into that feeling of tired. Not exhausted, not defeated. That ‘you deserve’ it tired. The lean back and look at everything you’ve accomplished tired.

I recently graduated from OCADU’s prestigious Illustration program, and have been working on short contracts and freelance projects from my studio in Kensington Market Toronto. Prints available online, and project ideas and collaborations are always welcome.

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